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2012 Mission Trip to Lachute, Quebec

In late June, about 25 of us from City of Hope Church and a Maryland Bible study traveled to Quebec to assist our friends the Jones's for mission work in the town of Lachute and in Montreal. Click Here to view our film highlighting our experiences that...

Current Series: Acts

Things have fallen apart in God’s world. However, the book of Acts shows us that God has his own makeover plan. And even though it can seem like a never ending uphill battle, the kingdom of God has broken into this world with the life, death, resurrection, and...

Come and See

Every month we lead a worship service at our local jail. Whenever we're there with the men in the jail chapel one thing is guaranteed. The men will want to sing Amazing Grace. It doesn’t matter if we have someone there to play the piano, or if we have to sing it...

Authority Is Not A Sinister Word

Like it or not, we all are under someone's authority. That "someone" can be an individual, a group, or an institution, but that "someone" is very real. It's common to immediately think negatively about authority, abusive parents, bad teachers, corrupt governments,...

We’re wired for Fanboydom?

Interesting article today.  An intro quote: We've all encountered [fanboys]. They lurk in Internet message boards, comment threads, and chatrooms. Addressing anyone and everyone, they type up lengthy tirades with Cheeto-stained fingers, extolling the virtues of their...

Pride versus humility in serving and being served

Humility is a slippery thing to grasp, no? My natural inclination several years ago was to deny being served, thinking myself humble by not wasting the service of others.  (How noble of me!)  I found later that this is Pride:  I am the superman who can do it all, who...

Uncontacted group of natives found deep in Amazon

Fascinating that there are still groups of people being discovered who have not connected with the global population yet.  Read more on The Guardian. My first thought was missions-based:  will they hear about the Gospel?  Then I read in The Guardian: Among the main...

Osama bin Laden and Truth Claims of Christ Risen

Today, President Obama declared that Obama bin Laden is dead.  I believe him.  Why?  Because nobody in their right mind would declare to be true that which can be proven false so easily.  Radical Islamists have an interest in making America look the fool and would be...

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