Community Care Groups

Small groups are the primary place for biblical care and discipleship.

While some congregations have small groups, our congregation is small groups. Small groups serve as the nervous system of a local church. In them, the gospel is used to motivate people towards richer relationship with God. In them, the gospel is a balm to apply to the wounds we incur in this broken world. In them, the gospel is used to call and motivate people into the service of God’s kingdom. In response to God’s grace, people are urged to develop lives of moral beauty, integrity, and other-centeredness and to discover and use their gifts to carry out ministry both within the congregation and to the world.

So our Community Care Groups will provide:

A place to meet with and experience Jesus Christ in our midst –

The primary goal for small groups is to experience Jesus Christ in our midst in his presence and power. We desire Christ through His Spirit to transform and change our lives as individuals, as small communities, and through us, the larger communities of which we are apart.

A place for fellowship and friendship –

Fellowship can be defined as seeking to share with others what God has made known to you while letting them share with you what they know of him as a means of finding strength, refreshment, and instruction for one’s soul. We desire to provide open, real and safe places that enable people to encourage and serve one another, to rejoice and weep with one another, and to correct, instruct, sing to, edify, accept and love one another. There is no better way to put oneself in a position to fulfill these commands than by becoming part of a small group. These groups also serve as a key to integrate people who join our community.

A place where gifts are exercised –

Small groups are a place where spiritual gifts are discovered and exercised within the group itself, within the larger church, and to the world. They are a place where a vision for ministry and service are developed.

A place to discover Christianity –

Small groups are a place where individuals who are seeking truth can be invited and encouraged to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ. They serve as a place to remind one another of our call to share the good news of the gospel and pray for those with whom we are building relationships with in our lives.

We currently have small groups that meet in Laurel, Greenbelt, and Ellicott City.  E-mail us to receive more information.

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