Why We Serve

The grace of God motivates us to acts of love and service that guilt and fear never will. There can be many motives for serving: because we see a need, because we feel guilty, because it makes us a feel better about ourselves. The Bible calls us to service for a different reason—because God served us in Jesus. Jesus said that He came not to be served, but to serve (Mark 10.42-45). And this service culminated in offering His life for our sin. Seeing the poverty of our souls, Jesus becomes poor, so we might become rich. So, the Christian motive is different, it’s not to work off a guilty conscience, or a crutch to feel righteous and acceptable, but rather fueled by our gratitude for grace.

The Bible calls for Every-Member ministry.
Why we serve has everything to do with the way we serve. God’s grace helps us to appreciate our gifts and talents, but also accept our God-given limits. We then come to appreciate our need for others in the community (1 Corinthians 12). At City of Hope, we believe that every member is necessary. Only when the entire community is appreciated and employed in serving will we grow into the body of Christ (Ephesians 4).

Mercy Ministry
As Christians, we show mercy to others because of the mercy God showed us through Christ. When we begin to realize we need God’s grace constantly and desperately, not only once for salvation, we will begin to see ourselves mirrored in those who are physically and emotionally in need. Acts of love and mercy will flow naturally out of and testify to a heart changed by Christ’s love.

As the Church, our mercy should mirror God’s mercy to us in Christ, thus reflecting the Gospel to those we serve. This mercy is sacrificial, relational, honoring, and meets people where they are but does not leave them there. The organizations that the Missional Team has principally partnered with seek to embody these principles.

The current organizations we serve and/or support.

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